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Military photography  


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10/05/2018 11:04 pm  


I hope you're all interested in military and police photos same as military movies.Let me introduce you few examples of such works made by team of GetMilitaryPhotos. People that you see on pictures are airsoft players same as you. And we're searching for good equipped teams ready to cooperate with us.We provide a free pthotosession for you.

Hit me up if you're interested in such photosession!

Best regards!


P.S. Below you can see few examples of works.I put links here because it seems impossible to attach pictures to posts.

Example 1 

Example 2

Example 3

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11/05/2018 9:09 am  

Kilka pytań:

  • gdzie odbywają się sesje zdjęciowe?
  • czy są one w 100% bezpłatne?
  • do jakich celów są wykorzystywane zdjęcia?

Ps. zdjęcia można dodawać...

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11/05/2018 8:38 pm  

 Ok.Answers in order:

  • Our photographer comes to your place and takes pictures on your locations.No need to take the whole team (teams) to us.
  • Let me explain few details about cooperation.Work is on TFP terms.So the photographer works for free,provides equipment and so on. But the only thing needed from you is model releases and cost of tickets to and back.And you pay for studio rent,  if you decide to shoot in studio as well.But don't be so afraid of it. Of course, I buy tickets myself and you return money back to me when we meet before shootings. Moreover,there are enough low-cost flights to Poland.Tickets are shared out and spendings for one team member is very low.
  • Photos are used litteraly everywhere: movies,TV shows ,news,DVD-covers and so on. Like this , this or  this.

I'd be thankful if you show how to attach pictures because I haven't found right button =\