Ranger School Spring 2020 – Training / Szkolenie

Szczegóły wydarzenia

POI (Principle Outline of Instruction): Ranger School
Timeline: 3,5 days (Wed. night to Sunday morning).
Date: 15 APR 2020 evening- check-in
Start of training: 16 APR 2020 0200hrs (Thursday)
End of training: 19 APR 2020 0900hrs (Sunday)

This year’s Ranger School will follow a new model, building on the old one. As in the past we will focus on Ranger Missions:

  • Patrols
  • Recon
  • Ambush
  • Raid
  • Team and individual Skills
  • We will have two additional guest instructors this year, besides myself, both qualified warriors serving in Special Operations Units.

In addition too these topics will have classes on the following:


  • Basics: Fire, food, water and shelter
  • Go Bags: different approaches too them and how to use them
  • Tools

Rope Skills:

  • Basic knots
  • Rope bridges

The time break down will roughly follow this model:

  • Tactical training: 60%
  • Survival: 15%
  • Rope Skills: 15%
  • PT: 10%

Price: 250 EUR person
Payable in advance – ticket holder may be replaced by other person but no refunds for cancelations by attendees.
Payment will be through PayU electronic payment system to PLN or EUR account. Ticket will be issued after payment.

Included in price:

  • FOB at Runowo (Pomorze) in barracks style buildings, with bunk beds.
  • 3,5 days of training
  • 5x instructors, including Mjr. Spencer and 2 to 3 Airborne & SF soldiers.
  • Resumes of instructors will be posted shortly.
  • 8x asg legal hand grenades per person. (GR-2) and smoke grenades per mission requirements.
  • Trained OPFOR for missions, including vehicles for ambushes. OPFOR will be active from start to finish, the school is run in a hostile environment.
  • 2 meals a day (breakfast & late lunch) & water for duration of school
  • Map of available AO at Runowo, Poland: (please check attached map).
  • Transport from Gdańsk Airport can be organized (bus) if requested.

Requirements for attendees:

  • ASG weapon & ammo
  • Military uniform
  • Personal food between school provided meals.
  • Reasonable level of physical fitness

Więcej na: https://www.facebook.com/events/1668878036619837

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